Expert workshop on statistical downscaling, Oslo, October 3-4 2005

Workshop on statistical downscaling of climate scenarios and adaptation of scenarios for use in impact studies

As the workshop is now over, we have collected the
presentations and included them as PDF-files in this program,
linked from each miniature picture.
See also the document "Background for the Workshop"

Program and presentations

October 3.
09.30-10.00 Welcome and introduction.
Welcome by Eirik Førland.
Introduction to the workshop by Inger Hanssen-Bauer.
10.00-13.00 Invited presentations (Open session).
Chair: Eirik J. Førland
10.00-10.50 busuioc-OSLO.pdf Issues in statistical downscaling modeling. Application for Romanian climate.
Dr. Aristita Busuioc
10.50-11.10 Coffee break
11.10-12.00 HUTH.pdf Is statistical downscaling condemned to death?
Dr. Radan Huth
12.00-12.50 Oslo_Downscaling_Workshop_Wilby.pdf Applying statistical downscaling to environmental management and resource assessment.
Professor Robert Wilby
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.45 Workshop_questions_reb_ejf_ihb_30_09_05.pdfWorkshop session 1: What have we learned and what do we need to know?
Chair: Inger Hanssen-Bauer
Short presentations:
Goodess_Oslo_workshop.pdfLessons learnt from the STARDEX project.
Clare Goodess
schmidli_1280.pdfAn intercomparison of six statistical downscaling models and three regional climate models for downscaling precipitation in the region of the European Alps.
Jürg Schmidli
CAchberger.pdfWeather Generators and their relation to atmospheric circulations for Sweden and Norway.
Christine Achberger
dsworkshop_051003_widmann.pdfDownscaling applications in paleoclimatology and wave climatology.
Martin Widmann
glowa.pdfEstimation of precipitation, temperature and evaporation in the catchment area of Elbe river in the period of 2000-2055 with neuro-fuzzy method.
Saha Sodoudi
Discussion with focus on predictands/predictors, methods and domains.
15.45-16.00Coffee break
16.00-17.45Workshop session 2: What have we learned and what do we need to know?
Chair: Rasmus Benestad
Short presentations:
FUB_Leckebusch_www.pdfEstimation of extreme storm and precipitation events in climate scenarios.
Gregor Leckebusch
Workshop_osloFW.pdfStatistical downscaling of extreme indices of precipitatoin in Sweden and China.
Fredrik Wetterhall
Liszewska.pdfAn example of application of statistical downscaling to a mesoscale model to improve rainfall distribution in a catchment.
Malgorzata Liszewska
Idar.pdfSomething about extreme values from ENSEMBLES.
Idar Barstad
Discussion with focus on extremes/ distributions/ internal consistency of downscaled scenarios.
19.30Workshop Dinner
October 4.
09.00-10.30Workshop session 3: What have we learned and what do we need to know?
Chair: Inger Hanssen-Bauer
Short presentations:
On the different types of uncertainties in statistical downscaling.
Jaime Ribalaygua
Schoener.pdfApplication of statistical Downscaling methods to classical and new tasks.
W. Schöner, C. Matulla
FIC-Oslo-2005-10-04.pdfThe range of applicability of statistical downscaling methods.
Luis Torres
Record-ESD_Benestad.pdfRecord-ESD_Benestad.pptRecord-statistics and Empirical-Statistical downscaling.
Rasmus Benestad
This presentation is also included as a PowerPoint-file due to use of slide effects.
Discussion with focus on uncertainty and applicability of downscaled scenarios.
10.30-10.45Coffee break
10.45-12.00Workshop session 4: What do we need to know and how do we get there?
Chair: Rasmus Benestad
Introduction: Sketch of a Statistical Model Intercomparison Project (SMIP).
Rasmus Benestad
Discussions concerning possible future collaboration/projects.
13.00-15.00Concluding workshop session: Summary & conclusions.
Chair: Eirik Førland
The presentations before lunch on October 3. will be open for other scientists.