3.1     Project management

It is proposed that RegClim continues with an unchanged project management group of three scientists. These are


Project Manager:

Co-Project Managers:

Professor Trond Iversen
Department of Geophysics
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1022, Blindern
N-0315  Oslo

Prof. Sigbjørn Grønås
Geophysical Institute
University of Bergen
Allég. 70
N-5007  Bergen


Dr. Eivind A. Martinsen
Research And Development Div,
Norwegian Meteorological Inst.
P.O. Box 43, Blindern
N-0313  Oslo


The management group represents scientists in both Bergen and Oslo. DNMI, a central institution in several PTs, are also represented. The choice of two representatives from the atmospheric side is intentional, because of the scope of the project on climate change. The members of the management group have an overall role in the project.

As a scientific secretary for the management group, and a contact person for the project, Dr. Britt Ann K. Høiskar, The Norwegian Institute for Air Research, P.O.Box 100, 2007 Kjeller is appointed.

The project manager (PM) and the Co-project Managers (CPM) will be responsible for:

  • co-ordinating the overall work;

  • ensuring that the work follows the approved plan, with updated changes in agreement with the Principal Investigators;

  • progress reporting in writing to the the Research Council;

  • ensuring that the Deliverables for the project (cf. Chapter 7) are completed according to schedule;

  • arranging and participating in project-workshops;

  • evaluate the progress and propose changes in scope and organization of the project.



3.2     Principal investigators

Each of the 9 Principal Tasks is convened by a Principal Investigator (PI). Scientists can work on more than one principal task, but should not be involved in more than two. Details of the scientific content and organization of each principal task are given in Section 5. Each PT is divided into a set of sub-tasks.

Each Principal Investigator (PI) will be responsible for:


*     coordinating the work under his/her Principal Task (PT) in accordance with the project management group;

*     ensuring that the work follows the approved Task plan as written in the description of each PT (cf.Chapter 5), with updated changes in agreement with the project management during evaluation of progress and approved by the Program Board;

*     progress reporting in writing to the Project Management well within the time-limit for annual progress report to the Research Council;

*     ensuring that the Deliverables for the PT (cf. Chapter 7) are completed according to schedule;

*     participating in project-workshops, and presenting results, findings, and state of progress for his/her PT in the Follow-up Meetings (cf. Chapter 8);

*     reporting any serious problems with budgets, with delays, or with other practical questions, to the project management group as soon as they are discovered.


Principal Tasks and PIs

PT1.     Dynamical Downscaling

            PI: Thor Erik Nordeng, DNMI, Oslo.

            Tasks 1.1 - 1.5


PT2.     Basin scale ocean modelling of the Nordic Seas.

            PI: Helge Drange, NERSC, Bergen.

            Tasks 2.1 - 2.5


PT3.     Empirical Downscaling.

            PI: Eirik Førland, DNMI, Oslo.

            Tasks 3.1 - 3.5


PT4.    The Role of the Nordic Seas: Atmosphere-Ocean Feedback

            PI: Nils Gunnar Kvamstø, GfI-UiB, Bergen.

            Tasks 4.1 - 4.6


PT5.     Indirect Effects of Aerosols.

            PI: Jón Egill Kristjánsson, IGf-UiO, Oslo.

            Task 5.1 - 5.8


PT6.     Direct Climate Effects of Regional Contaminants.

            PI: Frode Stordal, NILU, Kjeller.

            Tasks 6.1 - 6.6


PT7.     Air-ice-ocean interface processes and sea-state modelling

            PI: Lars Petter Røed, DNMI, Oslo.

            Tasks 7.1 - 7.7


PT8.     Data for Model Evaluation.

            PI: Knut Arne Iden, DNMI, Oslo.

            Tasks 8.1 - 8.5


PT9.     Advanced analysis and interpretation of climate model results and observations

            PI: Inger Hanssen-Bauer, DNMI, Oslo.

            Tasks 9.1-9.7


The choice of PIs will be re-evaluated annually in connection with the progress reporting.


3.3     Institutions

DNMI holds the main contract with the Research Council of Norway (RC). Other participating institutions (NILU, IMR, NERSC, GfI-UiB, IGf-UiO) hold sub-contracts with DNMI, on the condition that resources will be distributed according to the approved budget.