7. Deliverables

7.1 Progress reports and Final report

Regular progress reports will be delivered yearly to the Research Council according to the Council’s requirements. At the end of the project a final report will be delivered.

7.2 Task reports

Scientific and technical reports will be written for each PT and each task where appropriate, and delivered to the Research Council.

7.3 Publications

Major findings revealed through the scientific and technical reports will be the basis for of manuscripts intended for publication in international scientific journals (with peer review). Submitted manuscripts will be delivered to the Research Council.

7.4 Workshop proceedings

In connection with the yearly follow up meetings and/or workshops the contributors will be required to work up an extended abstract of their presentation (maximum four pages). These abstracts will form the basis for Workshop Proceedings ("General Technical Reports") to be delivered to the Research Council.

7.5 Internet

RegClim has established a home page by the project secretariat on the World Wide Web. News about the project, about meetings, etc. is accessible through this page. A selection of project results are presented.

7.6 Media

Possible results of more wide public interest are reported to news-media, but this will only be done after careful evaluation and scrutiny by the scientists involved and by the project management group.

7.7 Newsletter

RegClim is allocated separate pages in the journal "CICERONE", which is in Norwegian for the general public. The responsible for the journal is Cicero - Centre fo Climat Research, and the respnsible on behalf of RegClim is Professor Sigbjørn Grønås. A Letter of Intent has been signed with Cicero.