6.1 Total estimates

In Phase II we still estimate the total need for computer resources to be about 50.000 - 100.000 CPU hours equivalent on a CRAY J90 per year. This applies even though some models run faster than anticipated, since the ambitions of the runs have increased of scientific reasons. Since most models will be able to run on the CRAY T3E, the expected turn-around will be much shorter than this, provided that the project can use many of the processors on the T3E. Nevertheless, it is very clear that considerable computer resources will have to be dedicated to this project. Otherwise, the aims of the project will have to be reformulated to a considerably more modest level.

In connection with the installation of new computer equipment in the new High Performance Computing Programme in Norway, it is quite probable that problems will arise in parts of RegClim. Large program codes will have to be fitted to new hardware configurations. The project management group in RegClim has earlier expressed a wish that the resources are allocated to a single centre including a staff for user support. RegClim must be given priority if considerable extra work is needed to adjust program codes to new hardware in an optimal way. If necessary, extra funds should be allocated, and technical staff should be hired in RegClim.

Also in RegClim Phase II it will be of great help if the Programme Committee (PC) takes appropriate actions in order to secure that sufficient computer resources will be allocated for the project.